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Purged by Fire Blog Tour and Review

Diane Bonavist on Tour December 1-14 with   Purged by Fire: Heresy of the Cathars (historical fiction)   Release date: July 29, 2016 at Bagwyn Books ISBN: 978-0-86698-810-0  274 pages Author’s website Goodreads
SYNOPSIS In the thirteenth-century, a unique civilization flourished in the region that is now Southwestern France. The tolerant rulers of this realm embraced the Cathar faith which kept the simple teachings of the early followers of Christ, and rejected the venality of the Catholic Church.

To destroy the heretical faith, the pope declared a holy war. With the infamous words “Kill them all, God will recognize his own,” the crusade against Christendom began. For two decades, these wars decimated the old regions of the Languedoc and the troubadour culture. But when they still failed to destroy the heretical faith, the papacy gave special powers of inquisition to Dominican monks. Their mission was to root out heretics, compel confessions, and burn the unrepentant at the stake…