Friday, June 11, 2010


This is my first time to participate in Bloggiesta! I am pretty excited  about it, but also just a little bit intimidated too. I have been reviewing all the great information over at Maw Books Blog and looking over the present and past mini-challenges. Since I am so very new to this whole book blogging thing, I am going to try to be conservative in what I can manage.  So, here are my goals for this weekend (but I may do more, if I have time and find even more great ideas and challenges):
  • Work on my blog cheat sheet - a  previous great mini-challenge hosted by There's A Book
  • Work on blog entries to have ready to go
  • Organize a list of bloggers I really enjoy and post to my blog
  • Visit 10 new-to-me blogs and comment - a mini-challenge hosted by Bonjour, Cass
  • Sign up for Google Analytics - mini-challenge hosted by There's A Book completed 6/11/10 ( I did this even though I have virtually no traffic to my blog because it just sounds so cool)
  • and any other mini-challenges that catch my fancy
So, that's it for now, let's see how it all goes.


  1. Good luck! Signing up for Google Analytics is a good idea because you'll find out all kinds of interesting things about the people who come to your blog.

  2. i also use which is an invisible tracker to put on your blog; there's a lot that comes with google analytics but i've found that sometimes the reports are confusing...icerocket makes it easy AND shows me where I get all of my referrals...

    btw, i love the name of your blog!

  3. My favorite things about stats is finding out what part of the world people are from - it always amazes me that people in Brazil or India are reading my blog.

  4. I thought the mini challenges were great. I didn't know that stats were kind of important. I did the Google to and found it very easy. Good luck this weekend!


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