Friday, February 11, 2011

My Man Jeeves

My Man JeevesMy Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse
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This collection of eight short stories, first published in 1919, features Wodehouse's most popular characters, the comic duo of Bertie Wooster and his drolly omnicompetent butler, Jeeves. Highlights include "Leave it to Jeeves" and "Jeeves and the Hard-boiled Egg." Rounding out the collection are four stories featuring a Wooster-like character named Reggie Pepper.

My Take:
I read this book because I have been wanting to read some Wodehouse books and in an attempt to make myself do this, I also joined the Wodehouse Challenge.  My Man Jeeves is a short collection of stories, some of which involve Jeeves and Bertie Wooster. Some were about Reggie Pepper and his misadventures. Poor Reggie didn't have a Jeeves to help him get out of trouble --- or to get him into further trouble -- depending on the situation.  These stories were short and funny and not very complicated or difficult to follow.  It was mostly just an easy, fun read for me.  Wooster is a British aristocrat who basically can't seem to function without Jeeves to help him out.  Jeeves is the ever patient, loyal, slightly sarcastic, intelligent, and long-suffering valet to Bertie Wooster.  I must say that Jeeves pretty much makes these stories what they are.  Bertie knows several young men who are basically the same as he is -- unemployed or barely employed and generally lacking in direction -- except that none of them seem to be as financially well off as Bertie. One of said friends always has a problem that needs solving  and Bertie always asks Jeeves how to solve the problem. The elaborate schemes that Jeeves comes up with are pretty chuckle worthy. I didn't have a laugh-out-loud experience while reading this book, but I did chuckle a lot.  I also enjoyed the glimpses into the life of a wealthy man of leisure of the period. 


  1. LLM thank you for adding the WHO IS SAINT GIOVANNI? button to your site! That is SOOO awesome for you to do that!

    After reading your review above, I find myself very interested in My Man Jeeves. I love older Random Harvest!! Have you read that one? :-)


  2. Love Jeeves and Wooster. Nice review.


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