The Keening

The KeeningThe Keening by A. LaFaye
digital galley provided by NetGalley
Summary from Goodreads:
Born into a family with artistry in their fingers, Lyza laments that her only talent is carving letters into wood. That is until her life is turned upside down when her mother succumbs to the influenza pandemic of 1918, which is devastating their small coastal town in Maine. With her mother gone, Lyza must protect her eccentric father, who runs the risk of being committed, especially now that he claims he’s waiting for the return of his dead wife. Can Lyza save her father and find her own path in the process?

My Take:
This novel is historical fiction in that it takes place in Maine during the 1918 influenza epidemic, but this is a dreamy, ethereal, ghostly story about Lyza, her artistic, eccentric father and the death of Lyza' mother. Mayra, Lyza’s mother, has always taken care of her artistic, sensitive, and some might even say insane, husband and made sure that their lives ran relatively smoothly. After her death, Lyza must contend with the real life problems that her mother handled so well. The story behind her father Evan’s eccentric behavior and artistic endeavors is fascinating and beautiful. This story haunted me while I was reading it as well as after I had finished the book. This book is listed as juvenile historical fiction and is relatively short, but I don’t think adults would find it too juvenile to enjoy. Recommend for juvenile, teens, adults.

Rating: 4 of 5


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