Fallen Masters

Fallen Masters by John Edward
Publication Date: September 18, 2012 by Tor Books
Source: borrowed from the library
Description from Goodreads:
What do you get if you combine William Young’s The Shack with Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons? The answer is Fallen Masters, by New York Times bestselling author John Edward.

In the near future, signs and portents have begun to appear that point to a rushing cataclysm.  Both political and religious world leaders see the patterns, and the scientific community confirm evidence of what they call “a dark matter” that is expanding into our universe, threatening the very fabric of our world. 

But it will not be governments or religions upon whose actions the fate of the world rests.  Rather it will be up to a small diverse group of men and women who will have to decide to use their free will to aid in the last great cosmic battle between good and evil as these apocalyptic forces clash—both here on Earth and on the Other Side.   

An internationally renowned psychic, John Edward has helped millions of people to connect with loved ones on the Other Side. In Fallen Masters, Edward has written a riveting novel of metaphysical suspense, a final confrontation between good and evil as it unfolds on both the Earthly plane and the Other Side.

My Take:
I read Fallen Masters for my book club and that is the only reason I read it. I tried to keep an open mind and read it like a regular science fiction book. The premise was okay and I was on board with the beginning of the book, however, the further into the book I got, the less I could believe it and the less I liked it.

I liked that the world religious leaders met and basically agreed that the particular religion you chose wasn't as important as your heart and that you worked for the overall good. In fact, this was probably my favorite thing about the book.

I could go along with the ideas about good vs. evil, but the way the descriptions went on and on trying to explain everything just got on my nerves after awhile. I thought the author should have stopped trying so hard to make the premise work. By the time I was between half way and two-thirds through the book, I just didn't care anymore. The world's going to end? So what -- just make this book stop.

I also had major issues with how unlikely most of the events at the end of the book were. I just didn't buy it. However, most of the other members of my book club did like the book, so there is an audience for this book - I am just not part of that audience.


  1. I too do not enjoy long descriptive passages and usually just skip them. I can totally relate with you about them getting on your nerves. I can also relate with your desire for the book to stop--I've had a few like that as well. Don't think this book would appeal to me either, enjoyed your review of it!


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