Night Terror Blog Tour and Review

Title: Night Terror
Author: Jeff Gunhus
Publisher: Seven Guns Press
Pages: 400
Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror
Format: Kindle
Source: Author/publisher via Pump Up Your Book for an honest review

Ten years after her abduction and near-sacrifice to the Source, Sarah Tremont struggles to be a normal teenager. As much as she’s tried to suppress the power inside of her, it’s grown dangerously strong and has drawn the attention of those who want to possess her power for themselves.

The nightmare that she thought was long over starts again as powerful forces descend upon Prescott City to seek her out. With her parents and Joseph Lonetree’s help, Sarah must stand up to an evil much more powerful than the one she faced in the caves a decade earlier. But in the end, she discovers the greatest danger might come from the power living inside of her. 

My Take:
Night Terror by Jeff Gunhus is the sequel to Night Chill which starts this thriller story off. While I have a digital edition of the first book, I haven't read it yet - mostly because I have been very busy but also because when I review the second book in a series, I like to see how well it holds up on its own. I thought that Night Terror worked very well by itself. I had absolutely no difficulty following the story as all necessary information is given to the reader throughout the novel - without ever feeling like that is what is happening. The background information never dragged the story down. 

The very short first chapter of Night Terror sets the stage for the the pacing of the book and puts the reader on notice that this really is a horror story and to be prepared. 

There are some really awful bad guys in the book - awful as in truly horrifying. There is the somewhat mysterious shaman,  who is super powerful and evil.  I am a little vague on what exactly the Source is, but still creepily frightening. However, the one bad "guy" that still haunts my dreams is Mama D --- seriously the creepiest person I have read about in a long time. The things she does will give me nightmares for quite some time, I think.

There are a couple of story lines that the novel follows which are related but different enough to keep things really interesting. Sarah Tremont is a special girl with special powers that have been getting much stronger lately. Despite what she tells everyone, she remembers what happened to her ten years before and she struggles to control her powers. There are some evil players who have caught wind of Sarah and her powers and want them for their own nefarious reasons. When Joseph Lonetree shows up, the family knows things are going to get messy again.

The other story line I am really interested in is what Sarah's mom is working on in her secure lab at the hospital. She has some strange experiments going and I can't wait to find out more about that. And just because some scenes take place in a science lab doesn't mean they are boring -- far from it. 

I don't want to give away what happens in the book, so I won't discuss what happens very much. I will say that I found Night Terror to be a real page-turner and I read the last half of the book in a mad dash because I had to see how it turned out. I would say it isn't for the faint of heart -- and I loved every creepy minute of the book. I am anxiously hoping the story will continue -- this isn't finished yet. As I said earlier, Mama D is haunting my dreams and nights are creepier after having read the book. I would highly recommend Night Terror to anyone who really loves a good horror book.

About the Author
Jeff Gunhus is the author of both adult thrillers and the Middle Grade/YA series, The Templar Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. His book Reaching Your Reluctant Reader has helped hundreds of parents create avid readers. As a father of five, he and his wife lead an active lifestyle simply trying to keep up with their kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel.
His latest book is the thriller/horror novel, Night Terror.  
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