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Title: Stupidparty Math V. Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy
Author: Patrick Andendall
Publisher: Fact Over Fiction Publishing LTD.
Pages: 408
Genre: Politics
Format: Paperback/Kindle
Stupidparty Math v. Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy relies on publicly available facts, resources and tools to deconstruct and relentlessly drill down on the numerous misconceptions held by too many Republicans. Substantiated by more than 1,500 hyperlinks to authoritative resources, readers will find:

  • Stupidparty positions defrocked on: the "Moochers", the economy, climate change, environmental stewardship, racism, religion, "Freedoms", guns, and ignorance-based humor.
  • The fallacy of Fox News facts exposed, documented, and explained.

Also included are 1,055 full color images and 121 graphs and charts.
Once thoughtful, discerning Americans understand the destructive forces manipulating their views, they will begin to call for a stop to the stupidity that has invaded our politics and poisoned our political process. The eradication of Stupid from the Stupidparty is the first step.

This book does not set out to destroy the Republican Party. The U.S. needs at least two parties. But by exposing the abundance of Myth with the relentless use of Math and facts, the problems and then the solutions become self-evident.

My Take:
When the opportunity to read and review Stupidparty was presented, I was more than happy to accept. From the title alone I knew it would be right up my alley. Patrick Andenall identifies himself as a conservative and his goal is to save the Republican Party. Well, I say good luck with that. But, this book is a big step in the right direction. The book basically says that Republicans need to stop being afraid of science and history and start being rational thinkers again. 

Andenall provides links, quotes, tweets, photos, graphs, charts, -- just so much information that at times it can be overwhelming and more than a little depressing. More than once while reading the book I thought that it would be a great gift to buy in bulk and send as gifts to very conservative friends and family. However, I decided that they probably wouldn't appreciate the gift -- which is really the problem. The people who really need the information are the least likely to read the book and learn something from it.

Stupidparty was originally an eBook because of all the hyperlinks to articles, and that makes a lot of sense. I read a paperback version of the book, which probably worked out better because if I had read the eBook version, I would have taken so much longer to read it since I would have had to follow all the links and that would take forever. Even without the hyperlinks, there is an abundance of information in the print book. My husband has been complaining about how long it took me to read it as it is. I had to read it in short bursts because of all the stupid presented. As soon as I finish this review I have to give him the book to read. 

I think that most people would benefit from reading Stupidparty. We all need to be willing to confront our own beliefs and see if they hold water. Most liberal leaning people will eat Stupidparty up, but I would really like to see more conservative people read it as well. Even with all the stupid presented in the book, the author keeps a sense of humor and it was a fun read, if at times, somewhat depressing. I am planning to read sections of it again and read even more of the articles linked in the book. I will be recommending Stupidparty to anyone who will listen to me. 

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Book Excerpt:

Voting is an important civil right, and many argue it is a civic duty. In Australia you must vote. In Belgium you must show up at the polls, but having shown up, you do not have to vote. Over twenty countries have some form of mandatory voting.

Acorn was an organization devoted to adding voters to the rolls. Acorn often paid homeless people to collect signatures. Thus, it was providing a double public service.

So while on occasion such workers did try and rip off Acorn (using fake signatures to invent nonexistent people) for a few extra dollars, the Acorn organization never created any voter fraud. This may come as a shock to the paranoid conservative brain, but the fact is that nonexistent people cannot vote, not of course unless Jesus decides to rise from the dead (for a second time) in order to vote. Ironically, if one understands anything about Jesus, his likely abhorrence of the Stupidparty and their antics, this must surely be a very tempting option. But like Kerry, Acorn was swiftboated by the Benefactors, i.e., Big Money devoted to an insidious and widespread deception. Big Money wins; the public and its treasured democracy lose. Even after Acorn was hounded out of business, 49% of Stupidparty voters believed that Acorn stole the 2012 election.

About the Author

Patrick Andendall has always had an interest in politics and, being multicultural, he views issues from a more international perspective. In 2004, five days before the election, he flew to Cleveland and pitched in to help with the political process. What he discovered was the dissolution of the American Dream, which he writes about in his book, Stupidparty.

Educated at English boarding schools from the age of seven, Andendall went on to graduate from Lancing College. He started by sometimes working three jobs at once, trainee Underwriter/claim broker at Lloyd's of London, his own one man cleaning Company (cleaning the very offices of a Reinsurance Company he would transact business at) plus doing seasonal work on various farms.

Having made some windfall profits by borrowing money in order to be a "Stag" to take advantage of opportunities created by Margaret Thatcher's de nationalization policies of the mid 1980's, Andendall evolved into an entrepreneur with a core specialty in Reinsurance in London and New York where he looks for patterns in numbers. Self-employed in a field not normally conducive to self-employment, he is able remain in control, juggle different jobs, travel and pursue his various interests.

Ending up in New York via romance in the African bush, Andendall now lives on Long Island with his wife, two children and two dogs.
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